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News Deutschland

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Wiadomości Rozrywka
Desenvolvedor: LiteObjects

News Deutschland: News in German Language.

Genießen Sie die Amazing Neuigkeiten lesen Experience!

★ Introducing Offline-mode: Download once and read it anytime without internet access.

News picked from over 70 top news sources. News is arranged based on their popularity so that you always get the top News at your finger tip.

This is a simple to use iPhone application bringing you NEWS in your regional Language. The content and the images are preloaded for a news topic, so that you need not wait again and again to view the details.

Each and every display is well crafted, so that you get an amazing news reading experience. Enjoy reading news without any advertising or commercial break (Ad-Free).

Key Features:

* Option to disable Image download.
* Choose news topics from Business to Sports.
* Option to Email the news along with the details.
* Option to open external link with-in app and safari.
* Option to read plain new details without images and link.

Upcoming features:

* User Interface improvement.
* Adding more News Topics.
* Offline Feature as an add-on.
* And much much more ....

Enjoy News reading and keep yourself up-to-date!!

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